[SHIP] Engines and Propellers pack

Paul Chadeisson
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This pack is made of:

High detail Aircraft engines, helicopter propellers, mechanical parts, and few bonus assets.

This pack is fully customizable, meaning each asset is split into different smaller objects so you can re-compose and create objects that fit your needs.

I've also added low poly versions of the assets, in case you are working on a heavy scene, or just need to implement those further away from the camera.

Tech specs:

All assets have UV`s

Assets have been created in CAD modeling (moi3D), exported in tri and quad, geometry is very clean.

Material group for each part. (like the renders)

No materials or texture included.

File formats:




Check out this ship to see how you can use this library to create you own design.



I made this pack to make my life much easier, save precious time, and bring extra quality when doing spaceships, aircrafts, drones, sci-fi vehicles etc... It was also an awesome study exercice, learned so much while doing those.

Hope you enjoy it!

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[SHIP] Engines and Propellers pack

0 ratings
I want this!